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I like sneakers that pop, when I walk into the room you know that I’m there! - Nadia Nakai

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Hunting for Kicks – Vouks NoJokes

Cape Town born b-boy Vouks is a houshold name on the local b-boying scene. Since the day he busted his first move in 1997 and joined the well-known Azanian Flames where he mastered his craft, Vouks has always had a love and passion for hip-hop.


The Streets’ Flavor – Johannesburg

A decade ago the term ‘sneaker’ would have not rung a bell to average shoe-lovers in South Africa because, well, we wore takkies and loafers. Loafers slowly fell away, but we still love takkies a whole lot, if not more than ever. Now, we just call them sneakers / kicks - which have become a global terms.


All you need to know about the ‘3 stripes’

The three stripes found adidas sneakers were originally put on the shoe for stability, not style, but today they’ve become the epitome of lifestyle wear, through collaborations with professional athletes, music industry giants and forward-thinking designers like Jeremy Scott, Kanye West and more.

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What it means to be a #KingOfKicks?

The hype about sneakers has taken on an iconic status in footwear fashion, not only because it's bridged the gap of inequality, but that it's a mark of exclusivity. Whether you're a rapper, athlete, student or businessman, everyone shares an interest in sneaker culture in one way or another.


It’s alive

We were lucky enough to have a quick sit down with Joburg A-lister, Sandile – GQ Ntshingila from MTV.


From dusty streets to styling feet

Khris Njokwana is a freestyle soccer champion from the dusky streets of Langa, Cape Town. In 2003 he beat over a hundred other freestyles to win the South African Nike Freestyle Crown.


Take it Yeezy

Mark Mac is one of the founders of sneaker culture in South Africa, influenced by street culture he started collecting when he was around 13 years old.


It’s about being original, about being the first.

We chatted to MK Fresh, Boyzn Bucks member, founder of the online shop Hunting for Kicks, and a definite OG in the sneaker game.


It has to be mad comfortable

Lifestyle blogger and sneaker enthusiast – Tshepang “twiggy moli” Mollison – tells us about what she does and her ties to the ever growing culture around kicks in South Africa. Her lifestyle and fashion blog, Sleepless in Soweto, written by her and her sister, documents dope events and stylish happenings in both Cape Town and […]