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All you need to know about the ‘3 stripes’

Just enough to school you for life.


Did you know, the three stripes on Adidas sneakers were originally put on the shoe for stability, not style? Today, it’s become an iconic symbol recognised around the globe.

From the Micropacer to the iconic adidas Superstar, and the legendary releases that followed, Adidas has been a leading brand in sports equipment since the 1900s, and the fire to the steel still burns strong.

Starting in Bavaria, Germany, Adi Dassler set to provide athletes with the best equipment – functionality and comfort being top priority. 1928 put the brand on the global map following a gold medal win in Amsterdam that made it the most sought-after performance shoe in the world. Years later, saw the registration of the three stripes, and years later many a company would get sued for replicating the most recognisable lines on the globe.

It’s not until the 1970 FIFA World Cup that they truly changed the game – creating a black and white ball for easier visibility on black and white TV screens, but it also improved the ball stability. To this day, they’re the providers of the official FIFA match balls and a global leader in football, as well as equipment, clothing and shoes.

The ever-famous Trefoil logo was born in 1972, six years before the founder’s death. The logo now resonates strong within the adidas Originals collection, which solely focuses on lifestyle and streetwear.

Two ‘revolutionary’ moments in the brand’s history include the Micropacer – the first shoe with a built-in computer – and the adidas Superstar, which changed the face of hip hop in the 80s, following Run DMC’s hit ‘My Adidas’, that sent sales skyrocketing in the African American community, landing them one of the biggest endorsement deals of that time. The song became a major hit, how it addressing the struggles of the African Americans, as well as the Superstar being known as the working class shoe of the time.

Cool facts about Adidas
  • The Stan Smith was first gifted to legendary French tennis player Robert Haillet, it was only named after Stan Smith years later (this is also the brand’s best selling shoe).
  • There used to be a place in Boston, NY, that was called Adidas Park, and you couldn’t wear any other sneaker brand there. If you did, your shoes were taken from you and thrown in a tree.
  • The Adidas Superstar isn’t just an iconic part of hip hop, it was also the first low-cut basketball sneaker, making it the first technically advanced basketball shoe.
  • Michael Jordan almost signed with Adidas, making it the biggest ‘What if?’ in sporting history. He did however wear the Superstar when he played in high school.
  • Adidas was the first brand to sell the idea of customised sneakers in 1985, with the Adidas Adicolor H, all white high tops that came with colourful markers.