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There’s only so much that can be said about the classic XXIs. To sum it up in a few words: it was made to celebrate Michael Jordan’s forward thinking ability on the court.

Since the first release of the 1s in 1985, Air Jordans have become a huge part of our lives, whether you’re a sneaker head, a basketball fan or just a regular guy getting through life in crocs and uggs. It is undeniable that these sneakers have impacted the culture of kicks in a big way, inspiring other corporate houses to step up their game, and although at some points in our history they’ve undersold against Adidas and Puma, they still hold a rich history because of the story that surrounded each drop.

Let’s go back to the 80s, when Michael Jackson was a godfather in the eyes and hearts of every Chicago Bulls fan. The legendary ball player dropped the Air Jordan Is on April Fools Day and the world stood still. However, we love the Air Jordan Is because of the boycotts when the NBA, David Stern in particular, banned the shoe for “having very little white on them”. The athlete went on a campaign calling out the NBA authority for indirect racism and segregation against him. To all those who owned a pair at the time, that piece of history was forever ingrained in the shoe’s controversial colourway. What about the pandemonium around the Air Jordan 2s when MJ dunked from the foul line in them though? Or when he made us believe he could fly with his all-famous slam dunk in his Air Jordan 3s. That was unheard of at the time, and that alone solidified this sneaker as the best against any other sneaker in the NBA.

Nowadays Nike has competition. Adidas boasts about being the best now because of the Boost technology in their latest drops. However intense the rivalry may be, It does not eclipse the rich history in the Air Jordan range, and a decade ago, Nike paid homage to the great MJ by releasing the limited edition XXIs, arguably the shoe with the most intricate performance technology.

Released In February 2006, it was made to embody every single element that made MJ the man he is. It was dubbed as the “next generation performance basketball shoe” that was designed for the greatest baller to ever play the game.

This, it could be argued, was when we first experienced high-end technology in a shoe. This is the Ferrari-inspired limited edition of the XXIs, however not much will be different from the original edition.

Let’s take a closer look at the design of the shoe and understand why this sneaker has been any pro baller’s favorite since 06’.


Made up of luxurious Italian suede fabric.
Forefoot breathability made from durable textile for great support and durability.
Extended heel counter provides extended ankle support
Foam-backed quilted collar
Breathable mesh to dissipate heat.


Fully double lasted phylon midsole profile stance
IPS (Independent Podular Suspension) includes interchangeable cushioning technology with customisable heel zoom pillar
Carbon fibre shank plate