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The Creative Eccentric Goddess – DJ Doowap


She is one of the most explosive personalities you will ever meet. Her fashion-meets-music outlook on life makes her one of the most influential women to the South African youth.
DJ Doowap is an adventurous creative and constantly allows herself to be inspired by her surroundings. Even through her extremely busy touring schedule, DJ Doowap made time to catch up with us.

RB: You are currently overseas, how long are you there for and how many shows are you playing?
Doowap: This is the third year in a row that I come to Europe for their summer. I plan on skipping SA winter forever! I started in Paris last month and did 3 gigs (Le Jeune/ Tape Bar/Macumba (it was a Doowap night so played a 5 hour set there)). I am in Berlin now getting my creative juices flowing; collaborating with various artists on some concepts I have come up with and making music.
I have another 4 gigs lined up for the rest of my stay but I am pretty sure that number will go up before I get back on the 25th September.

RB: Your style has taken South Africa by storm and currently influences a lot of people. Who influenced your edgy style?
Doowap: I am my own muse and draw a lot of inspiration from the messages I receive from myself through dreams, pictures I take, music I play and day dreams. In the back of my mind I always have the year 1995, Boom Shaka, TLC, Aaliyah and Salt n Pepa as references.

RB: Right now in your closet, how many pairs of sneakers do you have?
Doowap: Crisis! I haven’t counted my sneakers in a while but I can say that 80% of them are Nike. My sneakers got their own bag for this 3 month trip to Europe…managed to bring 8 pairs along on my journey.

RB: Your hairstyles express you in so many ways. What has been your favourite hairstyle to date? (Do you have a picture for us to add)
Doowap: I definitely think my short yellow braids are my favourite because they actually looked gold most of the time. The golden braids really made me look like the Goddess I feel inside.

RB: What is the most played track in your iTunes?
Doowap: Most played track is Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Jelani Remix).

RB: Describe yourself in 3 words?
Doowap: Creative, eccentric, goddess.

RB: What’s your take on Adidas’ evolution in 2016 since Kanye came on board?
Doowap: Gosh, I really go back and forth with how I feel about the collaboration between Kanye and Adidas. I feel like they got the attention they were looking for and have generated a lot of hype in the pop culture but I don’t think they made much of a profit off it.. I still don’t think Adidas are future forward thinkers that know what is hot before anyone else does like Nike.

RB: What are you hoping to see people enter in the 2016 #KingOfKicks competition?
Doowap: I want to see insane, rare gems and limited edition type vibes. I am not interested in hype of the now, because that will be forgotten.

RB: If you won the trip to New York, what would be the first thing you would want to tick off your bucket list?
Doowap: I would firstly love to visit New York, that’s a start on the bucket list! Then when I get there I totally want to sit front row at the Barclays Center and watch a huge NBA game.

RB: Lastly, what is your advice to the kids of today trying to break it into entertainment industry?
Doowap: I have a few messages for the kids:
– Focus on your craft and creating that body of work because when your time comes you have to be ready to ride the wave.
– Rather be an original because that is timeless, than a copycat only living in the now.