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The Voice of Drive Time – Mo Flava


“Started from the bottom now we here” – some really famous lyrics, that took the world by storm and accurately describe the life of Mo Flava. The host of the Metro FM drive show was born and raised in Dube, in Soweto but his interest and drive for media took him to places that some can only dream of.

We were lucky enough to be able to catch up with him during his extremely busy schedule. We asked him about his sneaker game and got a few tips on how he will be judging his category in 2016, as we search for the next #KingOfKicks.

RB: Mo Flava, you are one of the most well-known voices on South African radio, how does that make you feel?
Mo: It’s an amazing feeling. It’s as if I’m a part of something special every day. It comes with a lot of responsibility and that is the sobering part of being on the radio.

RB: Being an influencer to many kids out there, what is always the one message you want to get across to them?
Mo: To know what it is that you want to be, and what you want to be remembered as. Know what your unique abilities are and turn those into career opportunities. Have a desire for knowledge, because the more you know, the more progress you’ll experience.

RB: This is your second year judging King of Kicks, what will you be looking out for in the 24/7s category?
Mo: I will be looking for some personality in your 24/7s. I don’t care if they look like they have been worn to death, to me, that is the point!

RB: What was the first pair of kicks you ever bought?
Mo: A pair of North Stars. Vintage stuff!

RB: What kicks are you currently wearing?
Mo: My red and black leather Nike Air Jordans. Fit for most occasions.

RB: Out of your team at Metro, who generally wears the freshest kicks?
Mo: I’m afraid that would be me. My team will wear the odd Nikes, Converse All Stars and designer sneakers, but I’ve got the wider collection of sneakers out of us.

RB: Who was your biggest influence growing up?
Mo: A number of radio personalities and football players.

RB: What is it about your show that keeps people coming back for more?
Mo: I think it’s in the way I deliver content. I always have a quirky or humorous approach which makes people laugh, and creates an environment for meaningful conversations.

RB: What products do you use to clean your suede kicks?
Mo: Sneaker sprays and some of the KIWI products are pretty good.

RB: What’s your trick to keeping your all whites – all white?
Mo: Easy, don’t wear them to parties. LoL

Make sure you catch Mo Flava on Metro FM, weekdays between 3 and 6pm.